The Ministry of Healing is for Everyone

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The Ministry of Healing is for Everyone
Photography by Glenda Motsavage

The Ministry of Healing

As Christians, we are all called to be a deliverer of hope to hurting people everywhere!  And, one of the most effective ways to do that is through the ministry of healing.  I mean, just look around you.  It only takes a minute to encounter people who are sick and infirmed in their body.  If asked, I’m quite certain you could name a few sick people right there in your own family who are in the midst of a health crisis.

As a Minister, I’ve noticed that the ministry of healing is one of the greatest evangelistic tools that the Church of Jesus Christ has been given.  I have ministered healing to Christians inside the church, and I have ministered healing to those who have never set foot inside a church — both successfully!  (Of course, it goes without saying, that Jesus does the healing, I am simply the conduit He uses to connect sick people with their Healer!)

The Formula for Healing

Many Christians are searching for the perfect “formula” to minister healing.  We don’t have to look far to realize there is no one “formula” to administer biblical healing.  When it comes to healing, Jesus is our finest example.  If you study the life and ministry of Jesus, it’s easy to see He never operated from a “formula.”

On one occasion He spit on the ground and made clay with His saliva, and put it on the eyes of a man that was born blind (John 9:6).  Yuck, pretty gross, but it worked!  Oftentimes, Jesus didn’t even physically touch the sick people who summoned Him for help.  A good example is the story of the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19.  The desperate lepers stood far away from Him, and Jesus merely spoke a few words to them, and all ten were healed!  On another occasion, a woman who had a bleeding problem for twelve years, simply touched the hem of the garment Jesus was wearing and was healed.  Jesus never touched her.  You can read the account in Matthew 9:18-22.

Here’s my point: There is no one way to minister healing to someone.  No magic formulas!  Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and proceed accordingly.  It wasn’t unusual for Jesus to use various methods for healing, and it’s likely you will use a myriad of methods too.  If God meant for us to minister healing only one particular way, He would never have had Jesus heal in so many different ways like we see in the bible!

Many Churches Do Not Teach Biblical Healing

The ministry of healing is exciting!  It is the will of God, and the desire of Jesus.  And for the Spirit-filled believer, it should be a natural way of life.  But why don’t more Christians engage in healing?  One reason is a lack of knowledge (see Hosea 4:6).  The ministry of healing is not readily taught in many churches.  How do I know this? Because I’ve ministered in many, many churches where the congregations had not heard a message from the pulpit on the subject of healing in a year… never in some cases!

After speaking in one Assembly of God church in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Pastor’s wife told me their congregation had never heard a teaching on healing.  Never?  That was hard for me to believe, but it explained the very long lines at the altar by people waiting patiently to receive personal prayer for healing.  In fact, there were so many people with health issues, the Sunday morning service almost ran into the evening service.  I was overjoyed to be invited to minister that day, but left with a heavy heart.  It’s difficult for the Church to effectively minister healing to the unchurched community if we’re not practicing it ourselves.  The scenario I just mentioned is repeated time and time again as I travel to various churches and speak at conferences.

My aim is to give you the knowledge you need to heal those around you, or possibly instill faith in you to receive your own healing.  You and I do not bring glory to God by walking around sick and in pain.  Sickness does not bring glory to God, healing does!  God never intended for the ministry of healing to be complicated.  It’s really very simple, but we tend to make it difficult.

The Supernatural Can Be Taught

Part of my assignment is to teach the Church how to receive healing for themselves, then take that knowledge into the world.  I feel a great urgency, as the end-time spirit of deceit is infiltrating, not only the world, but the Church. The rise of various cults and counterfeit [demonic] healing methods have even Christians dabbling in them, because we are so desperate for healing.

Here’s the good news: The ministry of healing can be taught and then propagated, by you!  This ministry is not just limited to licensed and ordained ministers; every Christian can operate in the supernatural, with the proper training. It’s not some elite ministry that only a few can obtain.  God is waiting for ordinary Christians from around the world to rise up and begin healing the sick, casting out demons, working miracles, and introduce Jesus to the multitudes!


“Then the Lord said to Moses, quit praying and get the people moving!  FORWARD, MARCH!”

Exodus 14:15 (TLB)


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