Coming Soon:
An Online Interactive Course on Biblical Healing

Sozo School of Healing will include a library of published resources available for those with a desire to learn more about the ministry of healing.

Topics Will Include:

How to Heal the Sick – A Beginners Guide

Sozo – Sounds Greek to Me!

Hindrances to Healing


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  1. Justina L.

    I want to ask When SoZo school of healing take place? Thanks!


    • Hi Justina,

      Thank you for your inquiry regarding Sozo School of Healing! The curriculum is in place, and we are now researching the best way to deliver (build and manage) the online training course. The goal is something very user-friendly and interactive. As soon as the decision is made regarding a web-based platform, Sozo School of Healing should be up and running in short order. Again, we appreciate your interest and desire to learn more about the vital ministry of healing! Stay tuned for the official launch date! Blessings to you!

      Rev. Glenda Motsavage

  2. Shelley

    I am interested in going through SOZO training. Do you currently have anything in or around Huntsville, AL?
    When I lived in Atlanta, Ga I went through prophetic healing & deliverance training and ministered on the team at Life Church and I really miss it.


    • Glenda

      Hi Shelley, thank you for your inquiry. Previously, all our teaching and training in regard to biblical healing has been done through conferences/workshops and our affiliation with churches in various States. Unfortunately, we do not have anything scheduled near Huntsville, Alabama.

      As our website indicates, we are currently creating an online “School of Healing” in an effort to make this vital information available to an unlimited amount of people. As we travel, the requests for an online course have increased substantially. More and more, Christians are expressing their desire to have the teachings available online so they are able to access the information at their convenience, and at their own pace. As part of Sozo Ministries expansion project, we look forward to launching “Sozo School of Healing” in the near future. We believe the online learning format will help fuel faith in a multitude of Christians to begin engaging in the ministry of healing, either in the local church or independently. As my soon-to-be-released new book states, “There is a tsunami of sickness all around us” with helpless souls just waiting for us to step up to the plate and become a deliverer of hope.

      I would encourage you, Shelley, to continue to implement the training you have previously received. Whether through your church or right there in your home, there is a great need for intercession and the laying on of hands for the sick. As I always teach, “healings and miracles are the dinner bell to salvation!” The ministry of healing is one of the greatest evangelistic tools we have been given. May you begin to use it like never before!

      Rev. Glenda Motsavage

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