Glenda’s story is like an illustrated sermon straight from the pages of Scripture; a vivid reminder that God is still in the miracle-working business.  It speaks of God’s unconditional love to touch even the sin-shattered souls of the world.  Glenda is living proof that perfection is not a prerequisite to receive a healing touch from God.

A small-town girl and farmer’s daughter, she was raised in Millersburg, Pennsylvania.  At the age of eighteen, the provocative pages of her life were filled with rebellion and reckless behavior that only increased over the next ten years.  At the age of twenty-nine, given a death sentence from stage 5 invasive cervical cancer, she was as distant from God as anyone can be.  Feeling small and insignificant in a gigantic world, she thought no one had noticed her pain.  Imagine her surprise then, when the most powerful “Force” in the universe showed up unannounced.  Right there in the doctor’s office the miracle unfolded as God chose to dissolve her cancerous tumor, witnessed by one of the best Gynecological Oncologists on the East Coast!  God abruptly halted “man’s plan” to begin radiation and chemotherapy treatments that day.  None would be needed!

A serendipity indeed… a divine disruption that radically changed the way Glenda looked at the world, and the way she now lives in the world.  During the past twenty-seven years she has been compelled to lead a life devoted to spreading God’s Word.  With a passionate bold approach to biblical healing, her conviction is clear: “God is no respecter of persons, what He has done for me, is available to all.”  She believes and teaches that regardless of a person’s background or past mistakes, God loves them and wants to make them whole.

Glenda is a licensed minister, Christian counselor, Bible teacher, and conference speaker.  She has authored several publications including her riveting testimony, The Bride Wore Black.”  She, along with her husband Stan, are co-founders of Sozo Ministries International, an evangelistic ministry with a vision to teach and impart the healing power of God.  She and Stan have been married for twenty-eight years, and make their home in Poinciana, Florida.



The Bride Wore Black ~ A Journey from the Dark Side to Christ’s Bride by Glenda Motsavage is available on Amazon by clicking the link below. (Available in Paperback or Kindle)



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