Welcome to Sozo Ministries International, a ministry of healing. The very essence of this ministry is best described from its name. Sozo is a Greek word meaning: “To save, heal, and deliver. To be made whole!”

In ministering to individuals, small groups, and corporate congregations we have been able to observe one of the enemy’s most deadly and deceptive traps. It imprisons countless people, causes strife in households, severs relationships, releases financial bondage, and promotes a distorted view of our loving God. It is the trap of sickness, illness, and disease. Many are unable to function properly because of the devastation it brings. They are handicapped and hindered from fulfilling their purpose in life. Sickness is a tool of Satan to bring people into captivity, and many times it is successful.

We at Sozo are driven by a passion to teach and impart the healing power of God. We have received a mandate to go far beyond the four walls of the church, extending a healing hand to those in our communities who may never come to church. We strongly believe that God has the power to restore any individual back to health and into their fullest potential in life. We make no apology… the message and ministry of Sozo exists to set the captive free!

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