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12 Strongmen in the Bible

To be successful in any healing ministry requires a reasonable knowledge of the unseen supernatural realm. Angels, spirits, and demons are very real, whether or not we have ever encountered them. Scripture has much to say about these invisible forces, and Jesus dealt with them on a regular basis in His healing and deliverance ministry. …

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9,997 Steps

9,997 Steps Were Not Enough!

I surprised my hubby with a Fitbit for Christmas last year. I’m not sure why, but he wasn’t as excited about getting the gift as I was giving it. I mean, this hot new high-tech health gadget garnered such great attention that most websites were totally sold out. I felt blessed that Santa had saved …

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Woohoo… I Hit the Lottery!

Woohoo… I hit the lottery yesterday! Well, not exactly, but that’s what it felt like to me. I had completed my 2014 Federal taxes on paper then went online to upload the information into TurboTax. To my pleasant surprise their software found an additional tax credit that my husband and I had totally overlooked. Really? …

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