12 Strongmen in the Bible


Who Are the 12 Strongmen in the Bible?
Who Are the 12 Strongmen in the Bible?


The Unseen Supernatural Realm

To be successful in any healing ministry requires a reasonable knowledge of the unseen supernatural realm.  Angels, spirits, and demons are very real, whether or not we have ever encountered them.  Scripture has much to say about these invisible forces, and Jesus dealt with them on a regular basis in His healing and deliverance ministry.  It’s worth noting that Jesus almost always dealt with the high-level demonic spirits (called strongmen) that were oppressing people, not the low-level demons that you and I are most familiar with.

A Demonic Hierarchy

Allow me to use this example:
Drug dealers are bad people.  Every day in our Nation and around the world they’re being captured, arrested, and thrown in jail.  But for every one that is caught, it seems like two more rise up and take their place.  Why?  Because they haven’t apprehended the ringleader — the person at the top of the drug hierarchy that is supplying and controlling the low-level drug dealers.  The dealers are the ones that are visible.  We see them on street corners, in dark alleys, and in our neighborhoods.  The ringleaders are invisible, nowhere to be found; usually not even in the same country. Regardless, they’re the ones calling the shots and exercising authority over the dealers.  Without the ringleaders drug dealers couldn’t function; their operation would be shut down.  That’s the reason local, state, and Federal authorities always interrogate the low-level dealers.  Their mission is to gain information that will lead them to the top-dog.  They know that everything flows from the top down.  The drug dealers exist because of the ringleaders.

And so it is with Satan’s kingdom!  The strongmen in the Bible can be likened to the ringleaders.  And the low-level demons can be compared to the drug dealers.  As Christians, when we’re afflicted, we often focus our attention and prayers on what we can see. I t’s the low-level demons that cause various symptoms to manifest in our body or mind, but they’re being controlled by a stronger, more powerful demonic spirit that we can’t see (the strongman).  Through prayer and faith we receive healing from the current symptoms that we can see, but far too often it’s only temporary. Weeks or months later we’re suffering the same symptoms, or some other malady has manifested.  It’s a vicious cycle that must be broken!  We can cast out low-level demons all day long, but if we never deal with the strongman we will never be truly free.  Here’s the answer…

Bind the Strongman

Jesus teaches us in the Gospel of Mark (3:23-27) that we have to bind the strongman.  Therefore, in prayers of Spiritual Warfare we have to first bind the strongman, because it is the strongmen who are Satan’s generals.  The strongmen control the demons who create havoc in the lives of believers.  When I received this revelation many years ago it became a spiritual game changer for me.  Like Elisha’s servant, my eyes were opened to this biblical truth that Jesus Himself taught and practiced.

I have created a [printable] list of the 12 demonic strongmen that are named in the Bible, and the demons under their control and authority.  I highly recommend that you print it and keep it handy to assist in your prayer time.  (I also keep a copy in my Bible!)  Simply click the link below to download the printable PDF file.  And remember, I’m praying for your healing!

12 Strongmen in the Bible


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