Woohoo… I Hit the Lottery!

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Woohoo… I hit the lottery yesterday! Well, not exactly, but that’s what it felt like to me.

I had completed my 2014 Federal taxes on paper then went online to upload the information into TurboTax. To my pleasant surprise their software found an additional tax credit that my husband and I had totally overlooked.

Really? How could that be? We spent countless hours (okay… days!) preparing our taxes. We read and re-read all the new tax laws, including the bevy of tax increases that were quietly imposed upon Americans last year. We were up to date with the cost-of-living adjustments, new tax brackets and introduction of new Forms we were required to file. We researched every possible deduction and credit we were entitled to receive.

Did I mention the additional tax credit was worth [just under] $500? It was almost too good to be true.  My mind became fixated on the million things I could do with this dazzling discovery.  Seriously, earlier that day I stumbled upon the perfect resort-casual outfit for our upcoming vacation;  a Ralph Lauren lace jersey jumpsuit.  Since it wasn’t on sale, I resisted the temptation to hit the buy-button.  But a generous government gift can change everything.  Enough said!

Suppressing the urge to do the happy-dance prematurely, the revelation of this remarkable additional refund would require further research.  I was reluctant to proceed without it.  Yep, there it was — straight from the horse’s mouth at irs.gov.  In less than five minutes I had confirmation that this gift horse was legit!

As I was pondering this unexpected blessing, I was reminded of this spiritual truth: God has gifts for us that often go unclaimed simply because we don’t know about them.  Let me give you an example…

A few years ago I was preaching in my home State of Pennsylvania.  I delivered a teaching on biblical healing.  At the completion of my message I gave an altar call for anyone in the congregation who had infirmities in their body to come forward to receive prayer for healing.  I was flabbergasted.  No less than 90% of the church attendees came forth.  I prayed for hours — each person received personal ministry.  That Sunday morning Service practically ran into the evening Service.  The people were so appreciative for the opportunity to be delivered from their sickness and disease.

Later that day, while conversing with the Pastor and his wife over dinner, I asked a question to satisfy my curiosity.  “Why did so many people respond to my altar call for healing?”  The Pastor’s wife replied, “Our people have never heard a message on biblical healing.”  Wow!  Unbelievable!  Silently I thought, “Well whose fault is that?”

Whether because healing is such a controversial subject, or perhaps the Pastor didn’t feel comfortable tackling a topic that is so widely misunderstood, I can’t say.  Deliberately, I didn’t dig deeper into the Pastor’s mindset.  I’m greatly grieved each time I recall that experience.  Many, many people were struggling with physical illnesses needlessly.  They were never made aware of the “free gift” of healing that God already provided for them through the stripes (that awful beating prior to the crucifixion that left Him almost unrecognizable) of Jesus.

As a Christian, healing and divine health are part of our covenant with God.  He already provided for it, He already said we’re entitled to it, but much like that unclaimed tax credit we have to reach out and take it!

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