What’s Worse than the Devil in Detroit?

Satanists in Detroit Have Unveiled a Baphomet Statue
Satanists in Detroit Have Unveiled a Baphomet Statue


Hail Satan

Last week The Satanic Temple in Detroit unveiled a 1-ton bronze tribute to Satan.  The statue depicts a person with a goat’s head, horns and wings.  “Hail Satan” was the chant of choice as the 9-foot-tall monument was uncovered. Afterwards, enthusiastic supporters rushed to pose for photos with the statue representing their god, the devil.

The event was reported by virtually every major News outlet.  And, as I looked at the photo released by the media, two thoughts immediately ran through my head…

Number One: They had the nerve to include two young children as part of the display — two innocent children — a little girl smiling in adoration and a small boy solemnly pledging allegiance as they both gaze upon this representation of Satanic deity.  It grieves my heart as I look around and see the magnitude of Satanic activity being promoted to our [very] young children.  The devil of deception knows that if he can infiltrate their minds during the early formidable years, he can control their actions as they grow.  This is NOT child’s play!

Number Two: Satan is always trying to promote himself as something ugly.  Dear friend, lean in and listen closely to what I’m about to say.  The manifestations of Satan are abominable, grotesque, repulsively ugly, and difficult to look at; but the way he initially presents himself to us can be very beautiful.  In fact, the Bible says, “he transforms himself into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14).

Satan: The Ultimate Transformer

Yep, he’s the ultimate “Transformer!”  That means he masquerades as something he is not.  In other words, what you see is not what you get!  He’s the master of make-believe; he’s the pimp of pretense, the father of facade, an intentional impersonator, a provocative playwright and accomplished actor.  He’s the Grand Poohbah at pretending to be something he is not.  And the devil’s dazzling disguise is to deliberately deceive you and me.

So, what’s more dangerous than the devil in Detroit?  The REAL deal! — Not the one that’s wearing a red costume with a long tail and a pitchfork.  If the devil showed up at your door looking part male/part female/part animal, trust me, you would not bite at his bait and neither would I.  Satan flat-out knows that we are smarter than that.  So he shows up in unsuspecting places, and in much more subtle ways uses “good” people [unaware] to do his dirty work.  Places like our local church and even our own homes.  He prides himself in catching us off-guard and loves the element of surprise.  Hence the reason we need to become more proficient at recognizing his false face.

Satan: An Angel of Light

My next few articles will challenge you to see Satan for who he really is.  He’s not always the roaring lion or the snake in the grass.  Most times, he’s wearing a mask.  My prayer is that our spiritual eyes would be opened to his disguise. The devil in Detroit shouldn’t frighten us a bit — it’s the angel of light right in our midst — that’s the most dangerous devil of all!

I highly recommend reading Sozo’s article on the 12 Strongmen in the Bible.  It contains a PDF printable listing Satan’s hierarchy, including the lower-level demons.


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